Small grants making a big difference
Covid-19: our response

Covid-19: our response

Still providing grants and support

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Glasspool and Smallwood Partnership Fund

Glasspool and Smallwood Partnership Fund

Funding available

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Glasspool grants latest updates

Glasspool grants latest updates

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Our vision is of a society where everyone has the basics they need for a good life.

We are one of the few UK-wide charities providing grants support for people experiencing financial hardship, that has no restrictions on who we can help

We provide timely, small, one-off grants to individuals, couples and families for everyday items to help them cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day and enable them to build a stronger future.

We invite applications from support agencies on behalf of the people they support, as we believe that by working with others we can provide greater support.

"When I was told Glasspool was providing me with a washing machine I couldn't believe it. It has made such a difference to me and made my life easier"

Peter, who received a Glasspool grant in 2019

News and Updates

New funding opportunities from Buttle UK (grants for individuals) and The Smallwood Trust (grants for organisations)

Buttle UK are inviting front-line support workers to make applications of up to £2k per family for children and young people in crisis, to help meet their needs as the pandemic continues. Please visit their website via this link for further information. Emergency Response Fund.  Applications must be submitted before 31 March 2021.

The Smallwood Trust has established a Women’s Reliance Fund for organisation, to safeguard vital frontline jobs and support services of women’s organisations that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in England. Organisations can apply for grants of between £20,000 - £30,000. Further information can be found via this link Women’s Resilience fund for organisations Funds must be spent by 31 March 2021.

New funding arrangements

Over the last four months we have been working with hundreds of support workers to address the impact of Covid-19 on individuals, couples and families. There has been almost constant change and we appreciate how difficult it has been. As the effects of Covid-19 look to continue for many weeks and months we have changed how we work.

We are able to accept new applications from 11am each Monday (then between 9am to 6pm daily). Once we have received as many applications as we can potentially fund for a week, you will not be able to submit any new applications until 11am the following Monday. This will be a Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday.

How we helped in 2018/2019

11,520 people

6,610 grants

7,005 items

We worked with

1,150 partner

2,982 support

Saxon House (2nd Floor)

182 Hoe Street Walthamstow London E174QH

Registered Charity Number 214648. Founder: the late Mr. R L Glasspool