Small grants making a big difference
Covid-19: our response

Covid-19: our response

Still providing grants and support

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Glasspool and Smallwood Partnership Fund

Glasspool and Smallwood Partnership Fund

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Glasspool grants latest updates

Glasspool grants latest updates

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Our vision is of a society where everyone has the basics they need for a good life.

We are one of the few UK-wide charities providing grants support for people experiencing financial hardship, that has no restrictions on who we can help

We provide timely, small, one-off grants to individuals, couples and families for everyday items to help them cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day and enable them to build a stronger future.

We invite applications from support agencies on behalf of the people they support, as we believe that by working with others we can provide greater support.

"Lockdown has been brutal and  I’ve felt very isolated and alone. When I was told Glasspool was  going to give me a washer dryer I literally jumped for joy!  I know Glasspool tends to fund washing machines so  I was touched that Glasspool recognised that I live in a flat and that drying damp washing indoors would exacerbate my existing mould problem. They found the right solution for my situation"

Judith, who received a Glasspool grant during 2020/21

News and Updates


Updated January 2022

Due to the high level of demand for grants through this joint programme, the last day we will be able to accept applications is 28 March. Until then we will continue to accept applications every Monday at 11am.
After 28 March, we will only be able to accept applications for our main funding programme for household items and clothing. 

Our partnership with the Smallwood Trust will enable both organisations to increase our support to women, improve their well-being and support their financial resilience. 

We are inviting grant applications for essential household items, and moving costs, back to work costs, emergency costs and rent/council tax arrears.

The partnership will provide small grants to pay for costs to cover basic living needs, reduced income due to redundancy or reduction in working hours, childcare, support towards rent or council tax arrears, utility costs (extra costs to be incurred due to winter) and essential household appliances, beds/bedding and clothing. Funds will be distributed through a network of community referral/applicant partners.

Please note that we cannot provide a grant if you or your client/service user has applied directly to the Smallwood Trust and has received a grant.

More information about the partnership funding criteria can be found on our Smallwood Partnership page here.

How we helped in 2019/2020

14,425 people

7,969 grants

8,636 items

We worked with

1,263 partner

3,288 support

Saxon House (2nd Floor)

182 Hoe Street Walthamstow London E174QH

Registered Charity Number 214648. Founder: the late Mr. R L Glasspool